NEBULITE® Fanny Pack 2

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The brand-new Fanny Pack 2 with fiber optic front and top side!


  • Warm-White as an additional color inside the LEDs (instead of just Red/Green/Blue)
  • +85% more total brightness!
  • Waterproof front- and topside
  • Highly repairable thanks to the accessible lining
  • Tidy inside - only one USB cable thanks to the optimized inside illumination
  • Outside LEDs now light up the inside too, more energy- and eco-efficient
  • New button controller sewed into the label - no more lost remote controls
  • Everything cotton!
  • Highest quality, super dense cotton on the back side, more dirt resistant and feels awesome on the skin
  • All zippers are now by YKK, the world's highest quality producer.
  • Higher quality strap
  • Extra hidden pocket in the lid
  • New cool pillow box packaging
  • Machine washable at soft setting in washing net with electronics removed (1 minute of work).

Product information

  • Connectors: standard USB plug to connect a power bank (power bank NOT included!)
  • Measurements: 26cm high, 16cm wide, 9cm deep
  • Weight: 0,35kg
  • Power usage: maximum 400mA, typically 200mA
  • Material composition: 75% Cotton (Bag), 25% Polyester (Fiber Optics)